Missing nameplate and road markings – Maghull (and Southport)

This posting come under the category of things which are not where they should be.

Firstly, the Green Lane nameplate was nicely installed where the road meets the Westway roundabout but recently it was uprooted and left lying on the grass banking. Now it has disappeared all together!

The photo below shows the site with where it once stood being identifiable:-

Where has the Green Lane nameplate gone?

Where has the Green Lane nameplate gone?

Secondly, and of more concern is the lack of road markings for two speed cushions at the Meadows roundabout where Liverpool Road South meets Hall Lane. All the other markings have been redone since the road was resurfaced a few weeks ago but these two speed cushions have oddly been left out.

My concern here is that they could be a accident waiting to happen if they not marked up quickly. The photo below shows them if you look very carefully:-

Maghull's secret sleeping policemen!

Maghull’s secret sleeping policemen!

Click on each photo to enlarge it.

Interestingly, at tonight’s Sefton Council meeting, of which more when I have time to write it up, Cllr. Richard Hands of Southport raised this very issue of road markings not being put back down weeks and weeks after roads have been resurfaced. The answer he got was about as much use as chocolate teapot. Looks like Sefton’s eye is sadly not on this ball.

I have asked Sefton Council to address these matters.

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