Liverpool City Region – Chucking Money away? It seems so!

This Liverpool Echo (see link above) story needs teasing out more but at face value Knowsley Council are in the dock for managing City Region money poorly and having to send it back. Knowsley blame Government but it is clear that Liverpool Council think Knowsley are the real problem!

Some Liverpool City Region leaders blame this farce on the dysfunctional way the city region authority is operating. Of course they are still smarting over not being able to come up with either a name for the joint authority or agree who should chair its meetings! No wonder things continue to be dysfunctional.

And how much did Sefton potentially lose out on from this investment stream?

But watch out Liverpool Labour want a ‘Metro-Mayor’ on the back of this i.e. a Mayor to run all of the City Region. No thanks Joe (Joe Anderson – Present elected Mayor of Liverpool) we don’t want you or anyone else running Sefton from Liverpool Town Hall.

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