Closing Police Stations – Maghull

I have commented recently on the plan of Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy to sell off the underused Maghull Police Station (along with others across the County) and to get neighbourhood police officers to work out of smaller premises.

In Maghull the new base for the ‘Coppers’ could be a shop unit, Maghull Library, Lydiate Village Centre? Your guess is presently as good as mine, but change it is a coming.

Then the other day I happened to walk past Maghull Police Station and a photograph jumped out at me to be taken. The Station is certainly in the Autumn of its years and the trees around it are full of Autumn colours. What’s more a for sale sale also creeps into the shot! Well OK, it’s not a for sale sign for the Police Station (yet) it’s actually for a retirement flat next door) but it might as well be as it’s days are certainly numbered.


Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I would add that I am not against the Police getting out of property that is too large and costs money to keep going. I would rather have the money spent on Police Officers.

2 thoughts on “Closing Police Stations – Maghull

  1. Tommy Adams says:

    Can’t the Police move into Bryant House

    • Bryant House is owned by a private developer. Because Sefton Council occupied it for many years folks thought it was a council building but it never has been as Sefton rented it. Also i suspect that this building would be too large for what the Police want.

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