Green Belt – Lydiate Resident Group – Who are they?

A close inspection of the responses to the last round of consultation, in respect of Sefton Council’s Local Plan proposals, by a Lydiate resident threw up this question.

You see there, sat in the Sefton Council on-line report, is a submission from this Group but no one seems to know who they are. The Lydiate World Web Site is looking for an answer and so are a number of local environmental campaigners who are fighting Labour-run Sefton Council’s plans to build on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land around Maghull & Lydiate.

I have read their submission which clearly indicates that this group supports building on 3 sites within Sefton’s present Green Belt. Indeed, they say they support building on sites AS12 to AS14, whilst previously in their submission saying ‘we are intrinsically opposed to any development of the Greenbelt’.

The Lib Dem Sefton Council Opposition Group said this of the sites Lydiate Resident Group is promoting for development:-

* Sites AS12/AS14 – These two huge sites to the west and east of Lydiate/Maghull fall within a similar category to AS17 in that they are both high grade agricultural land that is presently being farmed. To turn them over to housing is unthinkable in environmental sustainability terms. AS14 is right next to SR4.48 (Tyson’s Triangle) which Sefton Council has already designated as a ‘reserve’ site for development in its own draft Local Plan. Bearing in mind that a further and much larger ‘reserve’ site (SR4.47) is the other side of SR4.48 this would have the effect of vastly increasing the size of Lydiate’s population. Just developing the two reserve sites will increase Lydiate’s size by 35%! What’s more AS14 will develop Lydiate right up to the West Lancashire (Aughton) boundary and we are aware that West Lancs Council already have concerns about the two ‘reserve’ sites for this very reason. Taking the 3 sites together Lydiate would be subject to an urban extension of considerable proportions.

On the basis that the Lydiate community and Lydiate Parish Council has been up in arms over the proposals of Sefton Council and those of local land owners/developers to build on Green Belt land why would Lydiate Resident Group (whomever they may be) suggest building on Green Belt?

It’s time to surface please Lydiate Resident Group.

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