The Tories are in chaos this week – European Arrest Warrant

Tim Farron MP writes

Lib Dem MP Tim Farron

Lib Dem MP Tim Farron

Faced with an upcoming vote on whether to support the European Arrest Warrant or oppose it to flirt with UKIP, their party has split down the middle. I support the European Arrest Warrant because to me the decision is clear:

The European Arrest Warrant:

Deports suspected murderers – Yes
Deports suspected fraudsters – Yes
Deports suspected thieves – Yes
Deports suspected rapists – Yes
Appeases UKIP – NO

If the Tories are confused about a decision like this then it shows they can’t be trusted to keep the UK in Europe.

Tim Farron MP

P.S. Even Theresa May supports the European Arrest Warrant. It’s not often that I agree with her!

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