Devolution of powers to City Regions with Metro Mayors – The Manchester deal is rubbish

A powerful response to the so called devolution of powers to English cities is covered in Iain Brodie Browne’s latest blog posting at:-

Iain Brodie-Browne

Communities like Southport, Formby, Maghull, Aintree, Crosby, Lydiate etc. would be run for the benefit of Liverpool City. Much of Sefton Borough’s boundary is with West Lancashire and City Region deals, should one be replicated in the Liverpool City Region, will put more bricks in the wall between Sefton and West Lancs. Stop this nonsense now.

3 thoughts on “Devolution of powers to City Regions with Metro Mayors – The Manchester deal is rubbish

  1. Mr Norman Langey says:

    I thought this was what Nick Clegg wanted more devolved power from Westminster as a consequence of the referendum in Scotland?

    • He does as do many folk but the issue here is how it is done. I am very much opposed to a model that leads to a Metro Mayor being effectively imposed on the Liverpool City Region. Also, Liverpool will dominate to the disadvantage of Sefton and other areas because the Liverpool City Region is too small compared with say Manchester. But in any case I don’t like the idea of a lot of power in the hands of one Person. Devolve power certainly as Liberals have been calling for that for generations but not in a way where Westminster dictates the terms.

  2. Tommy Adams says:

    Interesting but it looks like it’s on the cards

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