Air pollution campaign launched – Sheffield – But what about Bootle?

A campaign has been launched warning people of the dangers of air pollution.

Air Aware in Sheffield also gives people information on what they can do to reduce it. Poor air quality has been blamed for up to 500 premature deaths a year in Sheffield and annual health costs of £160m. Councillor Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and street scene on the city’s council, said: “Sheffield aspires to be a city where health inequalities are reduced and air is healthy for all to breathe. It would be great if everybody could use their cars a little less, and cycle or walk a little more. Even giving up the car just one day a week would make a huge difference.”

The Yorkshire Post ran this article but my interest in it goes back to the air pollution issues that I have raised before associated with the docks, Dunningsbridge Road and parts of Bootle generally. My couple of my previous postings are linked below:-

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