Say ‘NO’ to Joe – Power to communities not politicians

Liverpool’s elected Mayor Joe Anderson says he wants to be Mayor for the whole of Liverpool City Region. Its time we said ‘NO’ to him and indeed anyone else who wants to run the affairs of communities outside of Liverpool from Liverpool.


No good will come from places like Prescot, Southport, Lydiate, Wallasey, St Helens, Maghull, Birkenhead or any other of the numerous communities that make up the Liverpool City Region being run from Liverpool Town Hall.

Neither will any good come from putting power into the hands of just one person to Lord it over so many diverse communities.

Whether it be the personal ambitions of Joe Anderson or anyone else the firm answer from our City Region communities has to be ‘NO’.

We want power devolved to communities so they can decide their own future not power concentrated in the hands of one person who will remotely decide the future of communities they may well never have set foot in.

2 thoughts on “Say ‘NO’ to Joe – Power to communities not politicians

  1. Tommy Adams says:

    I am all for anything that will give our region more cash from Westminster and Europe by having greater clout. Not little fiefdoms run by the local political mafia.

    • See your point and agree that we presently do have fiefdoms run by local politicos – Just look at Sefton Borough, its run from Bootle by Bootle Councillors – Not Good. BUT what is on offer could potentially make this worse not better! What is the use of transferring political power in Sefton from Bootle to Liverpool? Local governance would be even more remote. The cash on offer can sound like a large amount but it is a mere fraction of what Government will spend in the Merseyside area. This Tory bribe is not one we should be taking.

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