Switch Island & A59 come to mind – Drivers who litter targeted

The Telegraph recently reported that motorists who allow rubbish to be thrown from their cars could be prosecuted as part of an attempt by ministers to make dropping rubbish as “socially unacceptable as drink driving”.

The Government is looking at making it easier for councils to fine those who throw litter from cars, cutting down on roadside rubbish which costs millions of pounds to clean up. The plans are part of a push to clean up Britain’s streets and achieve a “cultural change” towards littering.

This has to be good news as this anti-social habit seems to be on the rise in recent times. The amount rubbish and litter that surrounds Switch Island and also along the A59 through Maghull & Lydiate can be staggering. What’s more, we all have to pay for it to be cleaned up by Sefton Council and the Highways Agency. I was stopped in the street about this very sort of anti-social behaviour/environmental crime by a local resident only last week. His concern was that Sefton Council did not clear the A59 often enough.

Can’t wait to see the Liverpool Echo run a photo of the first person to be caught littering from their car window in and around Maghull.

2 thoughts on “Switch Island & A59 come to mind – Drivers who litter targeted

  1. Tommy Adams says:

    Hi Tony, Totally agree about the litter situation, recently I managed to take a photo of a taxi driver emptying the contents of his vehicle including fast food cartons out into the car park at Asda Aintree. I sent the pic off to the taxi firm next time it will be the police. Can you please include a link on your site for St Andrews church Maghull and Maghull and district Food bank we would like to spread the word at this time of year.

    Thank you

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