Map of railways Southport-Ormskirk-Preston

Just look what we have lost.


Above is a photo of a part of one of the famous North Eastern Railway tiled maps which now is preserved at the National Railway Museum in York. This part of the map covers the Sefton/West Lancs area and Preston.

The most obvious rail loss is the line from Southport to Preston. You could not imagine it being closed now if it had survived the Beeching era. Just think how it could be helping the Southport economy by bringing visitors to the Town and how it would assist in getting students between Southport and Preston. And this gets me back on my soap box about the inadequate nature of the both the Sefton and West Lancashire Local Plans as neither have majored on fixing the appalling east/west travel difficulties that are holding the Southport economy back.

But also look at the line leaving Ormskirk and running to Rainford Junction. This line also served Skelmersdale, a Town now desperate to to reconnected to the UK rail network and with some plans to try to achieve it.

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