Wind Turbines – Put them out at sea not on high grade agricultural land

Firstly let me say that I am a climate change realist. It is happening and we do need to find alternative sources of energy that don’t generate CO2. Wind turbines are a part of the solution despite what the Daily Mail may say.

However, I don’t want them plonked on high grade agricultural land – that is just a daft thing to do. That’s one reason why many people have been campaigning to stop the Lower Alt Wind farm being built between Ince Blundell and Lydiate in West Lancashire.

Putting them out at sea is fine with me as is placing them in isolated areas and on moorland. But none of this is without consequences; just look at this item from the BBC web site!

The Liverpool Echo has also run a recent article about the expansion of the turbines in the sea off Crosby with increased generating capacity from 2017:-

One thought on “Wind Turbines – Put them out at sea not on high grade agricultural land

  1. John Riding says:

    100-400ftplus high wind turbines need huge amounts of concrete infrastructure which lie in the ground forever with potentially disastrous consequences, the blades kill birds and bats in huge numbers over the lifetime of the turbines, they alter the ecology of the land and seascape, they cause water levels to rise on marshland and low-lying areas, they cause illness in humans and to cap it all, they are utterly uneconomical and do not produce the energy outputs claimed by those companies who develop them. They are a con on the public. Not convinced? Read the reports from the wind farms in Canada, USA, Spain etc.

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