Terrorism – Taking a photo in Southport brings home the potential threat

Last Saturday I was in Southport taking some pictures and the one below I took at Southport Station.


But when taking this very shot I was approached by a British Transport Policeman and asked why I was photographing in the Station. Don’t get me wrong the chap was polite and friendly and immediately accepted that I was just a railway enthusiast taking pictures. But it does bring it home to you how the Police are trying to keep us safe from those who are determined to do us harm, even in England’s classic seaside resort.

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2 thoughts on “Terrorism – Taking a photo in Southport brings home the potential threat

  1. I’m not so convinced. You should be able to take pictures of buildings without being suspected of being a terrorist. I’m suspicious of creating a climate of fear and then ramping up the pressure for draconian laws which threaten our civil liberties.

    • Yes, as a liberal my instincts are as yours. Freedom is the most important thing. However, I took the query from the Policeman in the spirit I think it was meant; he could not have been more polite. If he had come over in a more controlling way I would have reacted differently.

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