Sefton Council – Liverpool Echo reports on stormy meeting where Labour back building on Green Belt

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Bet Labour MP Bill Esterson feels as sick as I do today as his own councillors utterly ignored him and voted to build on the land that John Pugh (the Lib Dem MP for Southport), Bill, I and many others feel should be kept free of development as it provides the food that we eat.

This is probably the first thing Bill and I have ever agreed upon but it was brave of him to stand against all of his Sefton Central councillors and indeed Ed Miliband who wants even more houses built. Looks like Labour have a real rebel in their Westminster ranks.

The result of last night’s meeting was of course no surprise but people’s anger with their Labour councillors is as much because of what they did a long time ago as what they did last night. You see they put up posters, issued press releases and gave every impression that they were going to fight for the Green Belt when what they did last night and in previous votes on Sefton Council was to do just the opposite in my view. Remember this poster?

Labour poster displayed in Lydiate - October 2013

Labour poster displayed in Lydiate – October 2013

Talk about being found out!

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