Liverpool City Region – Sefton Labour don’t want communities to have a vote before a Metro Mayor is imposed on Merseyside

One thing that had slipped my mind as Labour Council Leaders across Merseyside have been kicking lumps out of each other about whether our area will be bossed around by a Liverpool centric Metro Mayor is that there has actually been a vote on Sefton Council on this very matter.

It happened at a meeting I missed on 20th November but the result is quite illuminating. This is the what was being debated:-

It was moved by Councillor Brodie – Browne, seconded by Councillor Dawson:

“This Council believes that there should be no elected Mayors imposed upon communities such as the Borough of Sefton without the clear consent for such a constitutional change being agreed by the votes of the communities concerned.

The Council is concerned to avoid a piecemeal approach being adopted to the subject of devolution of government power to the North West Region and calls for the early establishment of a North West Constitutional Convention.”


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