Maghull Town Council – Just how many houses would the planners have had to have dumped on Maghull before the Town Council said NO?

I really have no idea what figure Labour would have finally baulked at despite being a member of the Town Council as an opposition councillor. This Labour-run Town Council have made some tentative noises about concerns they may have about the Local Plan (which is dumping many hundreds of houses on the Town) yet the Council, in my view, is still a long long way from really fighting for the Town.

Green Belt campaigners outside Maghull Town Hall at a previous meeting.

Green Belt campaigners outside Maghull Town Hall at a previous meeting.

Last night we Lib Dems voted to oppose the Town Council’s submission to the Planning Inspector who will assess Sefton Borough Council’s Local Plan. We did so because the Town Council is still basically going along with the Plan whilst saying there could be a few issues around infrastructure that worries it. Not good enough.

That’s more like sitting on the fence than fighting for Maghull. I told Labour members that I would have far more respect for them had they fought and lost rather than not have fought at all. But they continue to hide behind their survey conducted in 2013, a survey we Lib Dems would not back as in our view it was flawed. And I would add it’s a survey which I am now told has had all its background data destroyed! Bearing in mind that I had asked to see this data quite some time ago and was told by the Council that the information was held by the Labour Party, I now find it has been disposed of. Read into that what you wish.

Our bottom line is that Maghull Town Council, under Labour, has not robustly stood up for the Town. It has not taken the fight to the Planning Officers of Sefton Council and Maghull is now going to have 100’s and 100’s of houses dumped on its Green Belt and high grade agricultural land. Why if the Town Council (then Lib Dem run) could fight and win a similar battle with the planners in 1998 did Labour think it was a good idea not to put up a fight this time around?

Frankly I can’t get my head around this socialism lark; it’s all smoke and mirrors. Labour having told Maghull folk they were going to save the Green Belt then vote to build on it via Sefton’s Local Plan! Party politics before local people is one answer but hang on a minute the local Labour MP says the Local Plan needs to go back to the drawing board or words to that effect. I reminded his councillor comrades of that last night and told them that on this I was with the MP over his advice to ditch the plan and and start again with a community based approach. However, just like last week at Sefton Council the MP’s councillors utterly ignored their own MP!

But don’t you feel that a Local Plan is a very municipal socialist thing for Labour to want to put together anyway? They love dictating what they think is good for us, trouble is this Plan is a hopeless Local Plan

Oh yes, a couple of other gems from last night. The environmental campaigners who attended last week’s Sefton Council to lobby against the Local Plan were criticised by Labour for not staying for the debate on Sefton Council’s budget. Environmental campaigners generally were also criticised by Labour for not opposing the new Switch Island to Thornton Link Road. The spurious link here being that Labour said the land could have been used for 600 house instead of the road. Yes, I can’t quite get my head around that argument either!

This carry on resembles a Brian Rix farce and Maghull is being very poorly served in my view. When it comes down to it did Maghull Town Council under Labour not put up a fight because their bosses (Bootle Labour) had already decided what was going to happen?

2 thoughts on “Maghull Town Council – Just how many houses would the planners have had to have dumped on Maghull before the Town Council said NO?

  1. Iain Brodie Browne says:

    The most outrageous aspect of Labour’s behaviour is to point blank refuse to publish the results of their survey. They are frit. I would appeal to the Information Commissioner. Their arrogant attitude needs challenging. They are subject to the rule of law.

  2. Terry Baldwin says:

    My heart bleeds for you and Maghull.
    Can’t the people see this ?
    I think your only chance now is the Secretary of State.
    Wished i still lived in Aintree.
    Kind regards — keep fighting.

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