Lydiate – Parish Council agrees to pay its staff Living Wage

The GMB union has named and shamed ten councils in a bid to raise town hall pay. The union wants all councils to pay the Living Wage and four on the 2014 list – Harrow, West Lancashire, Waltham Forest and North East Derbyshire – have now signed up for it. The ten “worst” councils with proportion of jobs paying less than the living wage in 2014 are: West Somerset 42.9%; Harrow 41.1%; Torridge 38.6%; West Lancashire 38.3%; Waltham Forest 38.2%; Breckland 38.0%; West Devon 37.3%; North Norfolk 36.5%; North East Derbyshire 36.3%; and Woking 35.9%.

The Daily Mirror covered this story


Pleased to say that Lib Dem run Lydiate Parish Council has agreed to pay its staff the Living Wage without the need to be named and shamed.

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