Bootle – Ash Street Baptist Church

Those who know me well will realise that I don’t have a religion so may be wondering why am I taking photo’s of the inside of a Baptist Church. The answer is that I like church architecture in its many forms and regular readers of this site will note that I have covered other churches in my posts.

My reason for going to Ash Street was hardly religious either; it was where my branch of PCS trade union held its AGM. Indeed, it has been having meetings in this church for many years but in my time as Branch Secretary I was always too busy at the meetings to really take notice of the features in the church. Now I am a lay union member with no responsibilities I allowed my eye to wander during the recent meeting.

You could say the architecture is simple but this is a Baptist church when all said and done. However, the organ with its wooden surround is interesting as is the construction of the roof with its huge wooden arches.

Here are a couple of photos I took after the meeting was over:-

Ash Street Baptist Church 1r

Ash Street Baptist Church 2r

The photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

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