Struggling to deal with the Green Belt building plans they voted for

I keep saying that things must be getting a little too hot for Labour councillors in the Sefton Central Constituency since they voted to back building on Green Belt via the Sefton Local Plan. I have also previously mentioned the independent environmental campaigner’s You Tube video on the matter which pulls no punches what so ever.

That video must be causing grimacing in the comrade’s bunker as they hobble towards the local elections on 7th May (same day as the General Election) where they face a stiffer test than they have had for years. Gone must be the days when Labour could say and do anything they liked knowing they would win Council seats whatever they did.

This blog site rates the video as a PG (Politically Gritty) and those of a sensitive disposition are advised not to laugh (or cry) too much as Labour’s thought police are never far away.

And I am told that over in Bradford someone has now produced a Yorkshire version of the video.

But do I hear that the comrades may be considering fighting back with talk of legal action against the independent environmental campaigners? Yes, sadly I do hear this although I hope it is not true. Sounds to me like sabre rattling to try to scare them off.

And it’s surely not as if Labour’s Sefton Central councillors can’t see the flaws in what I see as their flip-flopping stance on the Green Belt? Their Sefton Central MP, who to give him his due has consistently opposed building on the local Green Belt, has publicly and rightly condemned the Sefton Local Plan from which the building will flow.

On that basis instead of trying to defend what looks like the indefensible to me why don’t Labour’s Sefton Central councillors simply come out and confess their sins whilst asking for forgiveness, to put the matter in religious terminology? You never know they may gain more respect for that than trying to pretend black is white or green is brick coloured.

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