The Independent – ‘the Liberal Democrats do have a more balanced, pragmatic approach’

The Friday 20th March edition of The Independent newspaper said this about the Lib Dem approach to the economy and the deficit……

Danny Alexander MP

Danny Alexander MP

‘…the substance of what Mr Alexander had to say was much more impressive. Easily dismissed as “splitting the difference” between the Conservative and Labour routes to deficit reduction, the Liberal Democrats do have a more balanced, pragmatic approach to the task. Mr Alexander and his colleagues would indeed try to avoid the worst of the cuts the Tories would inflict on public services, and they rule out tax cuts for the rich, such as on inheritance tax. Unlike Labour, though, they would attempt to protect incentives and not simply ramp up taxes on the middle classes, and borrow more and more to fund an ever-rising deficit.’

Cutting less than the Tories, borrowing less than Labour.

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