Merseyrail – Nice to see that our local railway can respond to one off events – Grand National

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Since privatisation of the railways one big problem has been the lack of spare rolling stock to deal with special events, spikes in the number of passengers at a particular time or even the gradual but ever increasing number of people using rail to travel around the UK or to go to/from work.

Aintree Sefton Arms Station - April 1913

Aintree Sefton Arms Station – April 1913

Merseyrail is no exception; take the number of 3 car formed trains at rush hour on the Ormskirk Line which lead to overcrowding most weekdays. What’s more it probably also leads to folk deciding not to travel by train as they don’t want to stand up in a crush after a long hard day at work.


When and if Merseyrail’s trains are replaced (don’t start me on that decade old saga again) more units will be needed to cope with demand now, for demand as it increases and for extensions to the system.

But for now let’s celebrate what we hope will be a great service during the Grand National weekend.

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