PCS Trade Union – Is my union leader all but rejecting a pay rise for me?

Nick Clegg made this pledge a couple of days ago:-


It was followed by this from PCS trade union leader Mark Serwotka:-


As a public sector worker I think Mark Serwotka has his tactics wrong here. Instead of attacking Clegg he should have used the welcome opportunity that Clegg has provided, by bringing public sector pay into the election campaign, to challenge the other party leaders to match or better Clegg’s pledge.

To go Clegg bashing may appeal to a socialist audience but gaining a pay rise for public sector workers who have had their pay held down for too many years must be the priority of trade unions which represent public sector workers.

Yes bash Clegg if he ends up being part of a new government that does not deliver his pledged public sector pay rise but I fear there is a cutting off our nose to spite our face attitude at large here in the trade union movement.

If Ed Miliband had made the pledge would public sector trade union leaders have welcomed it? I’m not sure about this because few of them are supportive of the Labour Party these days because it has all but ditched socialism. Yes, they would probably have made the right noises to some degree, possibly because they felt they had to but at the end of the day attacking any political leader who is pledging a pay rise seems to be not the best of tactics to me.

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