Southport – New Bootle MP joins debate about how and when it will leave Sefton

Yes, I know he is not the MP for Bootle yet but I did laugh at the phrase ‘battling’ in terms of what the Echo/Southport Visiter thinks Peter Dowd has to do to win Bootle. Of course Bootle is the ultimate safe seat so the people of Bootle will get Peter as their MP as indeed they would whomever the Labour party put up for election. Battling my foot, the only battle Peter had to fight was the one to gain the Labour nomination!


But why is the new MP for Bootle so concerned about Southport all of a sudden? As Leader of Sefton Council he and his all Bootle Constituency Cabinet have been telling Southport and indeed the residents of the Sefton Central Constituency what is good for them for a few years now.

To me as someone who does not reside in Bootle or Southport (I live in Lydiate) I would say that local government in Sefton is broken and change is required. But I don’t want my community to be run from Bootle (or even worse Liverpool if Joe Anderson gets his hands on power as Mayor of Merseyside) any more than the good folk of Southport.

Suspect this one has a long way to go yet, after all Sefton as a Borough has been utterly unhappy with its lot ever since it was set up in 1974 by the Tories infamous local government reorganisation.

My recent posting on this matter refers:-

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