Sefton Council – New Leader but same old Bootle Bucks dominance

So Sefton has a new Leader (Cllr. Ian Maher) and surprise, surprise it’s another Labour Councillor from Bootle and his Deputy will be, yes you have guessed it, another Labour Councillor from Bootle (Cllr. John Fairclough).

The Bootle Labour Party has dominated Sefton politics for some years now with Bill Esterson’s Sefton Central Labour tribe being kept firmly away from power even though they are the voting fodder that enables the Bootle Labour Bucks to dominate us all in the Borough.

Peter Dowd was a Leader of some ability and I say that as someone who opposed him over many things in my time on Sefton Council. Peter was was a quick thinker on his feet and his speeches were usually of high quality whether you agreed with him or not. What I can’t see here is a Labour and indeed Council leadership that can match Peter Dowd’s skills. Is that why Peter is staying on as a councillor despite having just been elected MP for Bootle?

One thought on “Sefton Council – New Leader but same old Bootle Bucks dominance

  1. Bill Honeyman says:

    Now come on Tony its the money aspect as well as the MP fee plus expenses, heaven forbid he would not do it for free in helping out now and again in Sefton. He is worried that it will fall apart if he not their ,don’t forget its his baby.
    Just see how good he is with the big boys. Then you can judge him! Sefton in his eyes are second division stuff and LESS see if he can get his own way down in London bubble and you have to be more than quick (of the seat of your pants) thinking. Now there is a thought ,What

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