Maghull in Bloom – Loved every minute of it

Following my decision not to stand for Maghull Town Council again (after 30 consecutive years of membership) and the fact that the electorate invited me to vacate my Sefton Council seat representing the western side of Maghull 3 weeks ago an important and rather sad consequential move was brought about.

Maghull Station in Bloom r

The move? To resign my chairmanship of the Maghull in Bloom Steering Group.

More than anything this was the role that I had enjoyed doing over the past few years as a councillor. Indeed, I think it fair to say that I found the experience one of the post rewarding activities I have ever been involved with. You see working with volunteers who simply want to improve the environment of Maghull and make it a better, cleaner and nicer place to live is very uplifting. No political side, no egos, nothing but those volunteers wanting to put Maghull first.

Volunteer 'Bloomers' get their just rewards.

Volunteer ‘Bloomers’ get their just rewards.

The Steering Group came out of an invitation to me from the volunteers a few years back to set one up. The problem had been bringing all the oganisations and bodies together so that progress could be made on ‘In Bloom’ projects. We ended up involving Maghull Station Volunteers, Melling in Bloom, Maghull in Bloom, Maghull Town Council, Sefton Borough Council, Ashworth Hospital, Kennet Prison, MADCOS (Maghull & District Cluster of Schools) and Sefton CVS to name just a few of the regular participants at our monthly meetings.

Maghull in Bloom

I like to think that the coming together each month of everyone who wanted to push the environmental agenda forward for Maghull worked and I really do hope that another Maghull Councillor will come forward to take the Group on to even greater success.

All I did was try to get people and organisations pulling in the same direction the work, as always, was done by the dedicated volunteers.

So sad to have to let this job of a lifetime go but having moved to Lydiate and not having any councillor responsibilities for Maghull any more the time had come to move on. I will really miss those monthly meetings and the great people who made them so enjoyable.

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