Corbin for Labour Leader!

No this is not an attempt to persuade Labour members to elect a new Leader who will make Labour unelectable but more to make them think about why someone like Jeremy Corbin is right in what he identifies as problems but wrong in the way he and fellow socialists think the state, councils and big public institutions are the best way to address those problems.

Corbin is what I would identify as a real socialist and there are few of them in the Labour Party these days. I have worked with true socialists for years in the trade union movement and have a great deal of respect for them even though I think that they come to the wrong conclusions over matters where we share common identification of problems that need addressing.

If I was a member of the Labour Party about to take part in their Leadership vote I would have to urge fellow Labour Party members to vote for Corbin but I am not because I have never felt that the solutions that socialists and Labour folk come up with will actually work. But at least he identifies what the real (mainly social problems) are, which is far more than you can say about the other candidates to be Labour Leader.

Where Liberals and socialists divide is that Liberals see the solutions to social problems in particular as being ones that need people to be empowered and set free from the tyranny of the state, councils and big public institutions. We come to that conclusion not because we don’t see a role for the state, councils and public institutions, because we do, but we also see them as being too cumbersome, too bureaucratic and too remote to effectively solve many issues.

In our Leadership election I think it would be fair to say that both Tim Farron and Norman Lamb could be seen as being of the left, indeed I have heard Farron, whom I have just voted for, refer to himself as ‘a bit of a leftie’.

We Liberals often encounter Labour on Councils and working with them can be hard work because of their ‘our way or no way’ approach. Indeed, I would say that Labour often stands in the way of positive progress because they are too slow to react, too reluctant to empower people and all too willing to do things to people rather then giving them the tools to do things for themselves. I would go further though as it strikes me that some in the Labour Party feel they can’t afford to empower people because if they did those people may not need to depend on the Labour Party any more. Dependent voters are useful voters for Labour.

So yes, of the candidates standing for the Labour Leadership Jeremy Corbin is about the best one not least because the others are far too right wing for my liking.

2 thoughts on “Corbin for Labour Leader!

  1. Frank Bennett says:

    Looks like both you and I will get our wish and a socialist will get to lead a socialist party. By the way the Socialists of Liverpool ran neo Nazis out of town yesterday I don’t recall seeing any Libdems turning up to confront them. The red mist eh,

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