Sefton Borough – Put solar panels on the roof tops of public buildings

Well you don’t need to tell me Peter as Sheila and I put them on our own house roof in 2011 and I was also involved in them being installed on Maghull Town Hall and Lydiate Village Centre with my Lib Dem colleagues who used to run Maghull Town Council & Lydiate Parish Council.

Lydiate resident Peter Greener is now trying to get the powers that be in Sefton Borough to seriously match and improve on what has already happened in Maghull & Lydiate. This is what Peter says:-

Solar panels meter at Lydiate Village Centre r

See the meter reading for Lydiate Village Centre which has solar panels on its roof.

I’ve been making enquiries about putting panels on all of Sefton’s Official Buildings. As you can see the readings are significant and show the gains made from one building. Maghull Town Hall also has solar on its roof.

These are the solar panels on Maghull Town Hall roof.

These are the solar panels on Maghull Town Hall roof.

I believe this is an extremely important subject that calls for action across party lines.

Given the recent news around wind turbines, fracking and fields of solar panels, I’m sure you will be interested in solar and water panels on roofs. After all Sefton has very little ‘’spare’’ land that is not close to settlements.

I think it is time putting solar on new housing received real attention.

Anyone who says they don’t like the look of panels on roofs should consider the effects of a drilling rig or wind turbine in their neighbourhood!

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