Aintree Shed – 8L

Aintree once had a huge steam shed, known as 8L to supply the local rail network with motive power in the form of steam engines.

Once a year it would be inundated with engines when the Grand National was on but it was a busy shed anyway right through until the 1960’s.

Not so long ago I received a card and on it was a black and white photo of a steam engine ‘on shed’ at Aintree so I thought I would share the photo which I have scanned from the card.

Loco 45529 Stephenson at Aintree Shed

Loco 45529 Stephenson at Aintree Shed

Lick on the photo to enlarge it.

For those interested in learning more about Aintree Shed and the other steam sheds across Merseyside there is an excellent book by Kenn Pearce called Shed Side on Merseyside – The Last Days of Steam

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One thought on “Aintree Shed – 8L

  1. Bill Honeyman says:

    When I first seen the headline Aintree Shed for a moment Tony I thought it meant Aintree Library but reading down the page it was not. Like your article the library will be just like the shed no more and a cloud of Red Mist will appear over the library in Aintree Village. By the way Tony ,one of the 3 nodding donkeys for Molyneux is now only in the CABINET, now that is what I call a knockout punch or should I be saying a knock down.

    Having said that above ,I do liked the article on your hobby on steam engines,

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