Tim Farron – Don’t bleed the poor


This is powerful but very clear message. You will notice which Labour Party leadership contender is missing from their line up i.e Jeremy Corbyn as he voted, like our local MP’s John Pugh (Lib Dem) and Peter Dowd (Lab), against the Conservative’s Welfare Bill.

One thought on “Tim Farron – Don’t bleed the poor

  1. Bill Honeyman says:

    How surprising that Bootle & Southport the areas in Sefton , seems to get most of the attention from Sefton Council, were we in the Parishes do not get any attention. So seems that these two MPs ARE IN POOR AREAS in Sefton . Or do you think and maybe explain the motive behind this vote on the budget and one of them falling a sleep or pretending is a disregarded action that he took on the day of the budget could be 1GOOD guy and 1 BAD guy when they voted on the welfare bill.
    Maybe should forget politics and as they do say that “They will say one thing then do the opposite” as you well /////// Just think another 5 years?

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