Switch Island – Thornton Link Road finally opens but did the original campaigners who fought for the road get their true acknowledgement?


The Southport Visiter ran a story story on the 19th August opening ceremony – see link above.

Well there’s no mention of Thornton Parish Council or anyone else from the Thornton community in the Visiter article and don’t you think that is more than a little odd?

Link Road works back in Jan 2015

I have said many times before the reason this new road has been built at all is because around the year 2000 the good folk of Thornton and their Parish Council had just about had their fill of traffic jams. So they took to the streets and marched to get the Council to take notice of them and to get Sefton to resurrect the previously gone to wall plan to build the ‘missing link’ road. Those with long memories will recall that the previously ditched scheme was called the Blue Route.

But those original campaigners finally had delivered what they wanted on 19th August, a by-pass which will hopefully take the strain off Lydiate Lane and Green Lane in Thornton as well as potentially having wider benefits.

I had suggested that the obvious person to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony would be a Thornton resident/Parish Councillor. But looking at the picture in the Visiter, can you see anyone from Thornton beneath the umbrellas? I can make out the Labour MP for Bootle Peter Dowd, Labour Sefton Cabinet member Cllr. John Fairclough, the Mayor of Sefton Cllr. Steve Kermode and his wife Gwen but then I struggle to recognise the other people in that shot.

So I checked up to see if Thornton Parish Council had been invited by asking the Parish Council. Yes came back the reply there had been a representative of Thornton Parish Council at the event in the form of Cllr. Tony Pengelly. So Thornton was not ignored in the end, yet I still think that just one official rep at the opening ceremony from a community which was the instigator of the new road is rather poor and frankly it smacks of grudging acknowledgement for their great efforts to me.

But despite the fact that those who started the campaign have hardly had the credit they deserve whilst some others who probably deserve little credit seem to have got more than their fair share at least we now have the road. A victory yes but one that leaves you to wonder why Thornton residents and their Parish Council have seemingly been little more than afterthoughts. I suppose in the end it comes down to power and as Thornton has little of that it was all but ignored.

Here’s an old You Tube fly over simulation of the route of the new road:-


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