Labour Leadership election – thousand denied a vote but…

The BBC has the story – see link above

Well PCS is my trade union, the one I worked for over many years and via its previous names as well.

I had to scratch my head a bit about Mark Serwatka though as thought he was a socialist who would not have anything to do with the (Red Tory) Labour Party. Surely he can’t be surprised that someone as high profile as him has been smoked out by Labour’s panicked election organisers?

I am begging to wonder though about Mark Serwatka’s judgement as I had a run-in with him over his, in my view, poorly thought out response to a promise of a pay rise for me and my fellow Civil Service workers during the last election. This previous posting refers:-

2 thoughts on “Labour Leadership election – thousand denied a vote but…

  1. Denny Dowdall says:

    Tony will you be using your union vote and be voting for Corbyn? He is with us on the green agenda has been for years.

    • My union is not affiliated to Labour thank goodness and I don’t have a vote as I am clearly not a member of the Labour Party being a Lib Dem. As for Corbyn’s green credentials, if he is green then that’s to his credit. For what it is worth the other 3 Labour Leader candidates are dire in my view, Burnham especially.

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