Merseyside Tramway Preservation Trust – That newly relaunched Liverpool Baby Grand Tram

Old mate Keith and I together with Jen went to have a look at the new refurbished tram today and great it looks too.

It’s seen below in green and white next to a much older Liverpool tram.


Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Trouble was it was not running and I got the impression that there were a fair number of us disappointed visitors who had all turned up today at the Trust’s Taylor Street Depot in Birkenhead just to see it running.

Turns out that the volunteer run Trust only have two trained drivers who can operate this tram which has different driving features to the others operated by the Trust. I assume none of the trained drivers were available today so it did not run.

Whilst realising our fun was reliant on volunteers I wonder if I could make a suggestion? It is for the Trust to say clearly on its web site each day which trams will be running so that we can return on a day the Liverpool Baby Grand is running?

And thanks to the volunteers for all they do, without them this great piece of rebuilding would never have happened.

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One thought on “Merseyside Tramway Preservation Trust – That newly relaunched Liverpool Baby Grand Tram

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Tony. Completely agree with you regarding Baby Grand 245. I was there yesterday as well. I went to see Vulcan XH558 fly along the Mersey and had coffee in the café afterwards. As the only tram operating from Woodside was in I took a ride to Taylor Street and took various photos whilst there. 245 and 782 looked resplendent didn’t they. I’ll have to pop down again sometime and see if either of them are running.

    There also used to be a bus link from the Wirral Transport Festival to Taylor Street but this didn’t appear to be running this year.

    Best regards,


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