Used car salesmen – Now its new car manufacturers that are the new dodgy

All our lives we have been suspicious of used car salespersons with a generally not to trusted attitude from Joe and Jane public towards them, rightly or wrongly.

But it seems from the VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat dishonesty that we should have had a far more weather eye on those making the cars!

I have had a dozen Skoda’s on the trot although I bought a Seat last time because the deal was better and of course they are all VW’s in reality.

As an environmental campaigner as well as someone who has bought 13 of their cars I am doubly sad that the dishonesty has meant that these car makers have been lying about the environmental impact of their cars.

Where to next for car for me? I will be sad to leave the VW group as the cars I have had have all been great but unless they get their act together soon I will be looking elsewhere next time I go out to buy a car.

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