Maghull – The Forge

An update connected with my recent posting about one of Maghull’s most historic buildings, The Forge in Liverpool Road North.

I have been sent a copy of press cutting from October 1981 which records the passing of Ted Barnes Maghull’s last blacksmith who jointly owned and worked in The Forge with his brother. The cutting is from the long defunct Maghull & Aintree Advertiser Newspaper, I think. Also, I have now obtained what I think will be a previously unseen image of the shops next to The Forge, probably from soon after they were built.

Maghull Advertiser press cutting from October 1981

img014 - cropped

Click on the cutting or photo to enlarge them

Finally by way of an update, the Clerk of Maghull Town Council has said she is looking into the lost/missing historic plaque (see photo below) that was erected on the Liverpool Road North front wall of the property.


My thanks to Hazel Metcalfe (nee Barnes) for sharing these pieces of local history.

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  1. Katie says:

    Hello – i live in the house behind the gates with the private land /drive. This is the only parking space available to my home and to access my driveway and property. I can agree with you on your points. I’ve had times where I cannot leave my home to collect children from school or go to work for the vehicles blocking the gates. The problem has got worse since the coach car park took on a paying facility (and rightly so in my opinion why should they provide parking for all other businesses free) however we are all suffering greatly because there is nowhere to park people using the shops decide to just congregate – come one come all it takes one to stop everyone follows- that’s not including the deliveries. I really wish there was a solution to suit everyone. I’ve tried cones people just move them

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