Southport – Council’s Big Boss Visits

I came across a Labour Party leaflet the other day that had been delivered in an area of Southport and it did make me chuckle.

Sefton Logo

An article in it featuring the Labour Leader of Sefton Council starts off by saying ‘I recently visited Southport’. Well, if those few words don’t confirm what Southport folk have always thought i.e. that they are in the far flung rarely visited part of the Borough (a Borough they have never wanted to be a part of, I might add) I don’t know what does. And when I say rarely visited I mean by the Council’s Bootle Labour rulers in any meaningful way other than to attend meetings.

Or you could look at it another way; imagine if you could hear such a conversation as this. Not that you ever would mind.

Senior Council Officer to Bootle Labour Leadership – I’m afraid its time to visit Southport once again your eminences. I know you have done missionary work there before but we have to try harder to get those damn Sandgrounders on side and loving Sefton Council.

Labour Leadership (in Unison – no not the trade union) – You go, no you go, who’s not been to engage with the Southport lot yet? Come on speak up. Where have you all gone?

Senior Council Officer to Leader – Sorry your eminence the rest of them have run for the hills so you will have to go! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind me suggesting that you stop using that photo of your eminence that well, to put it bluntly, makes you look er a bit like an old fashioned municipal socialist boss. Such photos don’t go down well in our northern seaside annex.

Labour Leadership to anyone who will listen, we have a vacancy for a Senior Council Officer.

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