Maghull – Remember the old Ribble circular buses in the 1970’s?

Maghull Station in the 1970's

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I scanned this from a print that generous friends presented to me at Christmas.

Maghull’s M4 and M5 circular buses are shown awaiting passengers in the interchange area of of Maghull Station. Note they are were termed ‘Road/Rail Link’ buses back then on the destination blinds.

Since then of course the interchange area has been redeveloped although for bus users and even car drivers dropping people off probably not for the better. Now the buses sit where cars are supposed to pick up and drop of friends and family, forcing cars to drop off folks where the bus stops are! Of course the buses move to the bus shelters when the appointed time arrives but on a cold, wet day being stood there whilst yards away a nice warm bus is also stood there with its doors closed is frankly a pain.

A 231 circular bus parked in the drop off area on 28th December 2015

A 231 circular bus parked in the drop off area on 28th December 2015

What’s more I have even seen bus drivers blow their horns at cars that have dropped off folks by the bus shelters and are in the way of the buses. At face value the obstruction of the shelters by cars is wrong. However, bearing in mind that bus drivers also seem to take exception to cars being in the drop off area, when they want to park their buses there, the buses are actually the cause of cars needing to use the bus shelter area!

By the way I have tested this out for myself on a few occasions when I have been picking someone up from Maghull Station. On one memorable day I parked behind a bus in the drop off area only for another bus to park alongside me so I could not get out. I assume the driver was upset that I was where he wanted to park his bus, yet I was parked where I was supposed to be! Why Merseytravel have never sorted this muddle out properly I do not know. it’s not as if they don’t know what’s going on.

Back in the 1970’s the buses waited their passengers right outside the station entrance so progress seems to have made things worse not better for users of the circular buses.

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