Gas & electricity smart meters that ain’t so smart!

I recall having a new electricity meter installed about 5 years ago (as the old one started to go backwards when we had solar panels installed) and the installer told me we would all be on smart meters by 2015. Well that did not happen, did it.

Then out of the blue last week my ‘Research Assistant’ flagged up a rather odd if not ridiculous situation that those who have a smart meter are likely to encounter if they choose to switch supplier, which of course government keeps encouraging us to do.

If you switch supplier then it is highly likely that your smart meter will stop being smart as the various electricity and gas suppliers don’t all have compatible smart meters/IT systems!

This was supposed to be getting sorted out in 2016 but of course we were all supposed to be on smart meters by now!

John Pugh the Lib Dem MP for Southport has taken this odd state of affairs up with Amber Rudd MP at the Department for Energy & Climate Change and his letter is below – click on it to enlarge –

John Pugh MP

smart meters-jp

Click on the letter to enlarge it

I wonder how this ‘smartless’ process will be resolved and how long it will take to become smart?

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

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