Bernard Hogan-Howe – Does he deserve the stick he is taking? I think not

The BBC has an interesting article about the UK’s most senior policeman whom I have commented on previously. See link below to my older posting:-

The press are after Hogan-Howe but is it just a media frenzy pumped up by tabloid newspapers and dodgy politicians? I suspect it is and that Bernard Hogan-Howe is probably one of the best policemen we have seen in recent times. Certainly my experience of him when he was Chief Constable of Merseyside was very positive, as I have said before.

I am probably the last person to defend the establishment because as a Liberal my instinct is to distrust anyone in power until proven otherwise. But with Hogan-Howe I always saw a straight talking chap who got on with his job, who rooted out bad coppers and got his hands dirty.

Running the huge Met force must be a devil of a job; just think how many people he is managing! No doubt the Met handle some things poorly but what’s the point of getting rid of a chap like Hogan-Howe who many police forces across the world would probably snatch your hand off to have as their leader.

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