Double Trouble at Maghull Town Hall

The chaos in the car park of Maghull Town Hall and Meadows Leisure Centre around 7.15 tonight had to be seen to be believed. Grid lock was reached as far too many cars were trying to get in and indeed out.

Maghull Town Hall

The trouble was a double booking by Maghull Town Council of its Function Room involving Maghull Wind Orchestra and a Rotary Club dinner. The Wind Orchestra had to vacate the premises that they usually practice in each Tuesday evening hence the chaos. There are a lot of them with a lot of gear. 80 can turn up at each practice night with all their musical instruments! They decamped to Maghull Baptist Church on the other side of the A59 after a generous and quick opening up of the closed church hall. Maghull Baptist Church really got the Town Council out of a hole.

It itself it could be viewed as an unfortunate one-off event but anecdotal comment has been reaching me for a while to the effect that the Town Hall bookings system has been struggling. Seems that the bookings process needs a revamp as the chaos of tonight does not need to be repeated.

Come on Maghull Town Council, you can do better.

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