Liverpool – Should Joe really decide who gets banned from demonstrating?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

In the wake of the appalling far right demonstration and the violence that accompanied it yesterday Liverpool City Elected Mayor Joe Anderson says he alone should decide who gets banned from demonstrating in the City.

Banning people from expressing their views, no matter how repugnant many of us may find those views, is very much a very last resort. Wanting the power to take such a decision on your own strikes me as being a worrying thing in itself. No one person should be able to take such a decision in my view.

Would the people of Liverpool want their Mayor, whomever that could be, to have such a power? It’s easy to say yes, when the demonstration is for something we personally dislike/detest but what do you say when something you want to demonstrate about gets banned because the Mayor of the day says he/she has banned the demonstrating?

Be careful what you wish for for at times in a democracy you have to allow those whom you fundamentally disagree with to have their say because if you ban them you no longer have a free society.

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