Maghull – Town Council by-election – No one seems to want you to know the result!

This is a very odd story. On 18th February there was a by-election for the North Ward of Maghull Town Council. The result has not been published in the local paper (Aintree & Maghull Champion), neither was it on Sefton Council’s web site when I checked yesterday. There’s a page for it on their web site but no result was posted/filled in.

Maghull Town Hall

But what’s really astounding is that the result was not even on the Town Council’s own web site when I looked for it yesterday. Indeed, Maghull Town Council’s site still gave the impression that there’s a vacancy for a councillor in North Ward.

The by-election was caused by the latest in a very long line of Labour councillors throwing in the towel. There’s been so many I have lost count.

The result? Oh yes, Labour won I am told by just a handful of votes against an independent environmental/Green Belt candidate, but I am supposed to know that? Have I been told a state secret I was not supposed to repeat?

You have probably guessed by now that whilst Labour must be sighing a huge relief having been run so close, this is the kind of result they simply don’t want to publicise because it makes them look vulnerable to electoral challenges in Maghull despite, like the neighbouring Borough of Knowsley, them holding every single seat on Maghull Town Council.

I don’t think Labour will be happy about me telling you all this! What a shame. Much scuttling round now one assumes to put web sites to rights.

One thought on “Maghull – Town Council by-election – No one seems to want you to know the result!

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Like the Tories, Labour do not like loosing, both think they are the greatest but a boxing ring is a great leveller

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