Lydiate Neighbourhood Plan will ‘restrict where the developers are allowed to build’ – Really?

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had a letter from Labour’s candidate for Sefton Council’s Park Ward through my door, along with every other household in Park Ward I assume.

Having a keen interest in local affairs I read it and the words ‘It will restrict where the developers are allowed to build’ jumped out at me. The words were in reference to Lydiate Parish Council’s in progress Neighbourhood Plan.

You see we have been around this one many times before but a Neighbourhood Plan can’t contradict Sefton Council’s Local Plan. On house building the only things Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan can do (once it is in force and that will not be soon) is to either promote more house building in Lydiate (than Sefton’s Local Plan is already pushing for) or reallocate the prescribed house building to other/different sites within Lydiate.

On that basis I would love to hear how on earth Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan is going to ‘restrict where the developers are allowed to build’.

Now this statement also seems very close to what I was told Maghull Labour was telling residents that the Maghull Neighbourhood Plan would do. Of course it will do no such thing.

But let’s not be churlish, maybe Labour locally has an opt-out clause within the legislation that brought in Neighbourhood Plans? If they have let’s see it. Alternatively, what they need to do is to tell us all which sites that are down to have houses built on them in Maghull and Lydiate are not now going to be built on because of either the Maghull or Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plans. Bearing in mind of course that neither the Maghull nor Lydiate Neighbourhood Plans are actually in existence yet.

We await with baited breath or will we just wait and see yet more ridiculous claims made by Labour for what Neighborhood Plans can allegedly do?

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