Maghull – What a strange address for a council candidate.

More on that strange situation whereby Nina Killen a Labour councillor from Formby is crossing the Borough of Sefton to trying to get re-elected in Maghull’s Sudell ward that I posted about a few days ago.

I have also separately made mention of Labour’s new candidate for Park ward, which nieghbours Sudell ward. You see both Labour’s candidates have written to their local electors but there is one very significant difference between the two letters.

The Park ward letter clearly gives the address of Labour’s candidate for that ward as the address at which he lives. The Sudell ward letter gives an address on Sefton Lane Industrial Estate in Maghull which I am betting is not where Nina Killen lives!

3 thoughts on “Maghull – What a strange address for a council candidate.

  1. les says:

    I’m sure you know that address is Bill Esterson’s office Tony

    • I’m sure I do Les but why does one Labour candidate give their Lydiate home address but the other does not? Possibly because she lives in Formby and would rather Maghull folks did not know this?

  2. bill honeyman says:

    It looks like the RED mist is starting to move slowly and to a safer place where there is no strong wind blowing. !!! !!!!! Suppose this is political wo(management) to keep her in a £8454 job, but they are playing silly games I think not. Mean while Sefton Council tax payers money is footing the bill and also when are we going to be reducing the number of councillors so in order to keep cost down in future budgets in Sefton.

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