Lydiate – Sefton Council thought Oakhill Park had been privatised?

Now this is another odd story. You see at the March meeting of Lydiate Parish Council we had a report from Sefton Borough Council about their assessment of the quantity and quality of sports pitches in Lydiate that formed part of a Borough-wide assessment that is done every few years. The assessment covers schools and private sports grounds I would add, not just Council owned/managed facilities.

Oakhill Park bowls pavilion and greens

Oakhill Park bowls pavilion and greens

When it came to Lydiate’s Oakhill Park on Liverpool Road, Sefton Council had renamed it Oakhill Cottage Lane (name of the narrow lane running down one side of the park) and they had its management down as ‘Private’!

What’s surprising about this is that there is a notice on the bowls pavilion (there are two bowling greens on this park) which makes it very clear who owns/runs the park:-


As to Sefton’s assessment of the park they say ‘Two crown greens assessed as good quality, likely to be able to accommodate additional members’. Well that seems about right, but what on earth made them think it was a private facility/park?

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