Maghull Wind Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall

Well it seems that Sefton Borough’s most prominent wind orchestra has made it in the big time after playing at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall today.


They were a part of a Opera entitled Get Weaving and they sounded great as indeed did all the participants.

Leaving Liverpool, Scouse passports in hand and off to that other place at the opposite end of the East Lancs Road (which is usually not mentioned in anything but disparaging terms by Liverpool folk) our brave orchestra went. Yes, Manchester to Scousers is an alien place just like Yorkshire is to those of us from Nottinghamshire.


Playing at the Bridgewater, even though it is in Manchester, must be the pinnacle for any musician because it was built for music incorporating many modern acoustic advances which make it a truly wonderful place to listen to and perform music. I have seen The Rippingtons and Bob James’ Fourplay band there in the past so knew how good the place would be for our own quite wonderful local musicians of Maghull Wind Orchestra.

So we had a great time but don’t ask me what the opera was all about because I got the impression that only the writer of the lyrics really knows. I got the bit about celebrating the famous mass traspass of Kinder Scout in the 1930’s but the other aspects of it were a little mystical to me.

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