English Local elections – Who gained, who lost – Latest news

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Across England the Lib Dems gained the most seats (37) – Lynne Thompson in Southport’s Ainsdale Ward of Sefton Council being one of those 37 net gains.

But look at the ‘Residents’ tag, it’s plus 4 and 3 of those gains by independent resident groups were from Labour in Sefton Central Constituency. A badge to wear proudly for Pat O’Hanlon, Matt Gannon and Bob McCann. A badge Sefton Central Labour Party will very much not be wearing though as they contributed to Labour’s net loss of 25 seats across England!

You can almost feel the tension rising between Ian Maher’s Bootle brethren and Bill Esterson’s comrades in Sefton Central. You can bet Bootle Labour, who rule the roost, will be highly unimpressed with their ‘colleagues’ losing seats to independents in Sefton Central.

Will update when final figures in.

2 thoughts on “English Local elections – Who gained, who lost – Latest news

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The big problem is UKIP winning seats. They look as if they are here to stay. The party must take up the initiative to address the reason why they are on the up and it cannot be just the fear of migrants. The idea might be that they will take the jobs of the locals etc. As Clinton said ‘It’s the economy stupid’ push for jobs into the area.

    • From my experience of talking to people who say they are UKIP supporters their actual reasons are many and various but apart from the obvious ones of Europe (which they seem to be able to irrationally blame for just about anything) and immigration (which they never seem to understand and always think is 10 times higher than reality) it comes down to generally being unhappy with the world. They want the UK to more like it was in the 1950’s in simple terms. It’s like nostalgia for a previous time where they selectively think back and wish for what they thought was good back then. The world’s too modern for them and they want to get off, I call it. Generally they will be ex-Labour voters rather more than ex-Tories and some have even told me that they are still socialists! How you get through to them when they have so many contradictions, prejudices and rose tinted spectacles for the 1950’s I don’t know.

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