Local Elections – Party gains and losses updated


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Well clearly the Lib Dems were the winners in terms of council seats gained last Thursday although a rather worrying UKIP upward trend can be seen too. There was only one Council still left to declare its results (Bristol) when this chart was put together.

2 thoughts on “Local Elections – Party gains and losses updated

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The problem is the rise of UKIP. Whilst migrants are one of their campaigning strategies we should realise that this fear is linked to jobs,the loss of them to these ‘foriegners’.
    In the past the workers had secure jobs in large industries. These have now gone The ‘I am a steel worker and proud of it ‘ etc feeling is no more.What is now available is low paid, low skill jobs major changes forced on people ripe for a party that identifies with their plight. We have to give people hope ,concrete jobs by retraining etc.

    • Yes I can see what you are driving at as UKIP voters are basically dissatisfied with with the economic world created by Thatcherism, Blairism etc. As a former trade union officer I also see the problems but of course UKIP offer no viable solutions and there is that worrying hint of racism in their policies.

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