Merseyside’s Metro Mayor – Many don’t know about one being foisted upon us and many don’t want to know!

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above:-

Who wants a Metro Mayor for Merseyside? No one that I know wants yet another politician living off the taxpayer’s purse.

But many who do know about us getting a Metro Mayor don’t want Joe Anderson even though Liverpool voters seem to love him if the recent Mayoral election is anything to go by. In my view Joe has been a huge drag on Liverpool moving forward and he would be no better for Merseyside. And I don’t say this because he represents the Labour Party; I would hold this view whichever Party he stood for. But maybe it’s one of those situations where whomever Labour put on the ballot paper next year Merseyside electors will approve them. I hope not but the Liverpool result must indicate that despite Joe being seemingly quite unpopular, when it comes to the ballot box, tribal Labour loyalty is all that matters.

But, as the Echo article above points out, many folks don’t even know that a Metro Mayor is going to be forced on Merseyside. In Sefton Borough we are told that 61% of electors know nothing of us getting a Metro Mayor in 2017.

So many don’t know and many don’t want to know but getting a Metro Mayor we are because of a strangely close partnership between Labour on Merseyside and the hated Tory Government and the 3rd rate devolution deal they struck for us.

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