Melling’s HMP Kennet to close

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This may not be the surprise announcement from Government that some may think that it is because the land on which the ‘temporary’ prison sits was only leased for 10 years from Merseycare NHS Trust.

It was a surprise though to read that the Echo still thinks the prison is in Maghull when it is actually in Melling. It was also a surprise back in 2006/07 when it was opened without so much as a by your leave by the last Labour Government in response to a prison population crisis at the time.

I have posted about the prison a number of times over recent years – here’s one of those postings:-

During the period whilst the prison was a category ‘D’ it did some excellent work with Maghull in Bloom and we were sad when it reverted to a category ‘C’ meaning that offenders were no longer able to assist with environmental work for Maghull in Bloom.

But I suppose that as Kennet was only ever meant to be a temporary prison then the fact that the 10 year lease is not to be renewed can hardly be the shock announcement which our MP seems to think it is. Does Mr. Esterson not realise that Kennet Prison was ‘sold’ to the local community by his own party in Government as being only a temporary prison facility?

One thought on “Melling’s HMP Kennet to close

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The information in you last paragraph. Do the voters know this, obviously the MP has not got a clue about his own constiituency, point this out to the voter, maybe it can get some support. What is the sight to be used for? Now might be the time to get the voters ideas as feed back.

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