Bootle – Another hammer blow to the local economy as M&S says it is shipping out

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

In fact I got this story before I saw it on the Echo web site from staff in the store when I popped in earlier today. They are expecting closure August or a little later.

Coming only a short time after HMRC announced it is taking over 3,000 civil service jobs out of Bootle/Netherton this is another hammer blow to the fragile Bootle economy. One wonders if the loss of the civil service jobs in Bootle contributed to M&S deciding to sling their hook?

M&S has clearly been the anchor store for the Stand Shopping Centre ever since it opened in 1971. The Strand seemed to be on the up recently following around a third of the retail units being empty at the height of the recession. It will be interesting and indeed most probably very challenging to see how the new owners of the Strand find a new anchor store.

I think many of us will worry over the future for the Bootle economy.

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