Maghull – Old Library and Youth Centre are demolished

In some way it is always sad to see a bit of local history disappear even though the buildings in both cases were both relatively modern. None the less many local residents will have fond memories of them both.

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

The Library has been out of use since 2010 when the new Maghull Library opened within Meadows Leisure Centre on KGV Park. The reason it moved was that the old building was expensive to heat and both the heating and electrical systems were in need of renewal at great cost. But there is another back story to the move as well.

When the Leisure Centre was being designed the NHS was seemingly keen to include a GP surgery within it and space was duly allocated. It was an innovative idea whereby patients needing exercise therapy after illness or operations etc. could immediately be referred to a team of specialist exercise staff within the same building. Sefton Council was keen on the idea too but sadly the NHS pulled out and we never knew why really. What a lost opportunity and even more so now with the local GP capacity crisis that Maghull and district is suffering from – see numerous recent Champion newspaper articles.

But one lost opportunity turned into another real opportunity because the space was reallocated to Maghull Library which, as noted above, needed a lot of money needing to be spent on it.

I was the Sefton Councillor in charge of the Meadows Leisure Centre project at the time so you could say I am to blame for the Library being moved. And I acknowledge it was an issue of some controversy at the time as the old site suited some folk. The good news is that the numbers of people using the new Maghull Library went up so we must have got something right.

I will write up about the loss of Stafford Moreton Youth Centre in a separate posting.

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    You did your best Tony.

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